February Member of the Month 2020 – Dennis Miller

Congratulations Dennis on your February 2020 Member of the Month Nomination! Recently Achieved Fitness Goal: Trimmed down below 170 pounds. How Goal was Achieved: Workout on elliptical or stationary bicycle ~5 times/week, plus healthy diet. Favorite Thing about the NFC: Friendly, helpful staff. Nice variety of equipment, well maintained. Favorite Exercise: Elliptical. Favorite Healthy Snack: Fruit & nut […]

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November 2018 – Charlotte Mays

Congratulations Charlotte for earning Member of the Month for November! Recently Achieved Fitness Goal: Charlotte improved her strength and endurance! How Goal was Achieved: Charlotte made a commitment to work out at least four times a week in addition to eating healthier. Favorite Thing about the NFC: Charlotte loves the awesome staff! Favorite Exercise: Charlotte […]