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Membership Forms

Complete & submit the form to the NFC Staff to enroll, suspend, or cancel your membership.

Membership Application Packet Membership Suspension Form Membership Cancellation Form

Payroll Deduction

Complete & submit the form to the NFC Staff to "Authorize" or "Cancel" Payroll Deductions.

NOAA Payroll Deduction Form FAA Payroll Deduction Form

Additional Waivers

Waivers needed for special activities, classes, or members with medical histories.

Supplemental Waiver Physician Referral Waiver Kids Day Participation Waiver
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Miscellaneous Forms

Any other pertinent forms for members of the NOAA Fitness Center.

Guest Form & Waiver Member Request Form Personal Training Interest Form

Cancellation / Refund Policy

All members wishing to cancel their membership must notify the staff and submit a written cancellation form. Federal employees must complete a Payroll Deduction Cancellation Form. The member should notify the staff if the cancellation does not become effective after 3 pay periods. Failure to cancel through this procedure relives NFC of any responsibility for reimbursement. Pursuant with MD state law, a member may cancel membership for full refund within three days of enrollment by giving written notice either in person or by USPS certified mail. It is the member's responsibility to ensure that automatic payments have ceased after cancellation. The NFC does not offer retroactive refunds for any of its payment plans. For monthly memberships, no refund will be given for the month in which you cancel your membership and the membership remains valid through to the end of the month. Monthly membership cancellation requests must be completed prior to five days before the month;s end to avoid further charges. For Biannual and Annual memberships, a prorated refund (less 5% transaction fee) may be given in cases involving extenuating circumstances which shall be identified in the request for cancellation. All requests shall be submitted via the NFC Member Request Form and will be reviewed and decided upon on a case-by-case basis.