Membership Pricing


$30 per month
Pay EACH month


$156 per 6 months
Pay TWICE a year


$300 per year
Pay ONCE a year

Cardio and Weight Equipment

Treadmills, Ellipticals, Stationary Bikes, Spin Bikes, Benches, Barbells, Plates, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Resistance Bands, Cables, Weight Machines, Rower, Body Bars, BOSUs, Stability Balls, Agility Ladder, Battle Ropes, Steps, Foam Rollers, Medicine Balls, Jungle Gym... need we go on?!

Group Exercise Classes

Our Group Exercise schedule offers a huge variety of classes, ranging from low-intensity Yoga to high-intensity Cycle. No matter your health goals or fitness level, we have a class that will be CHALLENGING and FUN for you!

Lockers & Showers

Don't forget your toiletries and towel! We offer complimentary Day Use Lockers to lock up your valuables while you work out and shower.

Don't feel like shlepping your toiletries back and forth every day? Keep your belongings secure 24/7 by renting a locker (additional cost)!

Fitness Assessments & Other Free Services

All members may schedule complimentary Fitness Assessments, Exercise Prescriptions, Goal Consultations, and Equipment Orientations with the NFC Staff! These are all 30 minute sessions with a trainer, where you will be able to get all the information and guidance needed to start or stay on track with your fitness journey!

Health Education and Incentive Programming

More than anything, we strive to educate and empower our members to live a healthier lifestyle. Whether it be through a Lunch 'n' Learn, Incentive Challenge, or a newsletter, our members are rewarded for utilizing our research-backed resources and participating in our challenges!

Quality Customer Service

We ALWAYS have a staff member on-site during operating hours. That means there is always someone to answer a question, spot a lift, resolve a conflict, or give you an extra boost of motivation during your workout!



Q: How do I pay?

Once you turn in your Membership Application Packet to the NFC Staff, the staff will walk you through creating an account on our Online Payment Portal. From there you will enroll in the Membership Subscription of your choice!

Q: Is there an Initiation Fee or a Cancellation Fee?

For a limited time only, there is NO Initiation Fee when you join the NFC! We do not have any additional fees for cancelling your membership.

Q: Can I suspend my membership?

You may suspend your membership only in cases of medical or work-issued leave lasting a minimum of 8 weeks or longer.

Q: How do the online payments work?

Our online payment portal will AUTOMATICALLY renew your membership by charging your card on file at the frequency of your choosing: Monthly, Biannually, or Annually!

Q: Can I switch membership types?

Absolutely! Please contact the NFC staff to help transition your Membership Subscriptions.

Q: Can I try out the gym?

We do offer guest passes for $5/day. This includes usage of the fitness equipment, lockers & showers, as well as entry into our Group Exercise Classes.