NOAA Fitness Center

Incentive Challenges

Incentive Challenges are a great way to get involved at the NFC! Not only do they provide healthy competition, they promote health and wellness and are a great incentive to stay healthy and fit while having fun with fellow members.  During each challenge, members earn Wellness Bucks, winners earn prizes, and best of all, participants find a great way to challenge themselves from year to year! Check out the Calendar for current and upcoming Incentive Challenges. 

Here are a few challenges that have taken place previously at the NFC:

NFC Powerlifting Competition!

Power lifting consists of three ONE REP MAXIMUM (1RM) lifts: the bench press, the squat, and the deadlift! Members challenged themselves by exploring their strength while competing against other members in their weight class! The person with the highest grand total in each weight class won!

Maintain Don't Gain 

During the holiday season members are encouraged to maintain a healthy weight while overcoming the challenge most face of not indulging in meals during this season. Weigh ins, educational tips, and various special holiday classes help members succeed with this challenge! 

Annual Battle of the Fittest
Male and Female members participate in a 7-week challenge as the NFC searches for its most fit members of the year. Members perform exercises that assess all aspects of fitness such as body composition, strength, cardiovascular endurance, speed and agility, core strength, and flexibility and balance. Members earn points by completing challenges each week. Points are totaled and the fittest male and female members are crowned and enjoy the throne for a year! Not only does this program search for the fittest members, it is also a great way to challenge yourself from year to year and improve your overall fitness. 
Group Exercise Bingo
Members are given bingo cards with a different group exercise class in each slot. As classes are completed, slots are marked off. Participants are encouraged to get bingo by completing classes and getting slots marked off. This program challenges members to try different classes that they normally would not try. Many find a class or two that they end up loving! 

Train Across the USA
With a large map of the United States posted in the fitness center, members will perform various activities earning "mileage" as they train across the U.S.A. For example, a 30-minute cardio session earns 50 miles. Members may decide which direction they want to travel and those who have traveled the furthest earn the most points and win! 

Annual April Fool's Day 5K
This annual one day event invites all runners, joggers, and walkers! Participants enjoy a nice day out on the trails of Rock Creek Park and get a new t-shirt each year as well! Spouses, coworkers, and friends are welcome!

March Madness
Members participate in a week-long "game" and accumulate points by doing cardio, weight training, or group exercise. Each activity translates to free throws, 2-point basket, 3-point basket, and 4-point play. At the end of the week, the team with the most points will advance to the next week in a tournament style challenge.  

NFC Sports League
Members and non members compete on teams in three different sports this year. Flag football, Basketball and Soccer. Its a fun and all inclusive league that encourages everyone from any skill level to join.