NOAA Fitness Center

Toilet Talks

Toilet talks are composed monthly by the staff and on display in the men and women's locker rooms. Toilet talks provide fitness tips, health and wellness news, and are a quick, easy read! 


January- Write Down Your Goals

February- Yoga Poses to Help Prevent the Flu

March/April- IBS Awareness

May/June- Water: The Miracle Drink We Are Ignoring

July/August- Beat the Summer Heat!


March- Ways to Spring Clean Your Health

April- Repetitions & Healthy Desserts

May- Exercise Benefits OTHER than Weight Loss

June- Men's Health Month & Posture

July- How Does Hydration Affect You?

August- Are you Connected?

November - Reset Your Body Clock!

December- Healthy Gift Ideas

January~ 5 Tips to Help your Fitness Resolutions Survive  4 New Year's Resolutions You Can Keep

February- Heart Health Month

March-National Nutrition Month

April- Apirl Fools 5k

May- Mental Health Month

June - Top 3 Exercises to Burn Calories

July- 5 Best and Worst Vendor Pics

August- 11 energy boosting snacks

September- 8 benefits of physical activity

October-  Weight loss and Nutrition myths 

January~ 4 New Year's Resolutions You Can Keep

February ~ Novice Marathoners Beware

March ~ Top 10 Training Tips for 5K

June- 5 Summer Steps for Health Living

July- Get out and Get Active

August- Metabolism Movers

September- Vitamins A-Z

October- Breast Cancer Awareness Month

November- Benefits of Turkey

December- Amino Acid Power.


~ Tips for a Thinner Thanksgiving

 ~ Interval Training for Health and Fitness

August  ~ Beat the Summer Heat

July  ~ Top 10 Exercise Myths

June  ~ National Men's Health Week June 10th- 16th

May  ~ Learning the Hip Hinge & Safety Tips for Biking to Work

April  ~ What does it mean to be Fit?

March  ~ Walk, Jog, Run, Sprint: Tips for all Fitness Levels

February  ~ Exercising when Sick: Should You or Shouldn't You?

January  ~ Rise 'N Grind: 5 Reasons why Morning Workouts are Better