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Membership Services

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The NOAA Fitness Center offers several complimentary services geared toward helping new members get started and giving current members the boost they need! Whether you're a new member looking for a starting point or a current member looking to reach a new goal, one of these services will surely meet your needs. 

Fitness Assessment

  • Staff utilizes testing equipment to assess Body Composition (body fat, circumference measurements, BMI, etc), Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Cardiovascular Endurance, and Flexibility. This assessment helps identify baseline numbers for goal setting, and is also a great way to motivate yourself while working towards a specific goal. 
  • Meet with a Staff Member to discuss goal setting, new routines, exercise barriers, fitness advice, or nutritional information just to name a few. Staff will assist by advising and gearing the member towards the next step in reaching the desired goal. 

Exercise Programming
  • Recommended after a thorough consultation and fitness assessment. Staff designs an individualized exercise program geared toward your specific goal. Whether you're interested in losing weight, using strength training equipment, improving your marathon run time, or excelling in your weekend basketball team, Staff will design a program just right for you!

Equipment Orientation
  • The Staff takes you through the fitness center introducing you to various pieces of equipment. Staff teaches you how to use and adjust each machine, what muscle groups are targeted, and provides important safety cues for each machine. 

One on One
  • This thirty-minute appointment is similar to a personal training session. Staff takes you through your exercise program showing you how many reps and sets to do with each exercise. Members may utilize this appointment once in a 6-month period. 
Chiropractic Services
  • Dr. Ali Perez, DC, ICCSP is a board certified Chiropractor with Physical Therapy privileges. She has an integrative approach to pain, injury, and rehabilitation. She treats a variety of conditions such as headaches, back and neck pain, plantar fasciitis, and more! Please see our Programs & Services tab for more information! 

Each of these services requires an appointment.  Contact the NFC today!